You Could Google It

If you’ve been trying to find our website via a Google search, good luck. Apparently their software hasn’t discovered it yet, but we’re pretty new and they’ll get there eventually. What you probably have seen returned at the top of the list is an interview with mystery writer Shirley Rousseau Murphy, the author of more than fifteen novels featuring feline detective Joe Grey.

In her novels Shirley Rousseau Murphy imagines a Cat Museum here in San Francisco, atop Russian Hill. In the interview she’s asked if such a place exists and she replies; “I wish I could say that the Cat Museum is a real place, but it is not. The museum is one of my dreams, a place I would love to build myself….“. Well, we do now exist and maybe someday we’ll be up on Russian Hill but until then look for us around town and here on the internet.

By the way, check out the latest Joe Grey novel. I can’t guarantee the Cat Museum is in it but I’m sure it’s a good read. Cat Coming Home

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