Feline Detectives

An entire subgenre of the Murder Mystery has developed with feline characters playing a central role in series that stretch to twenty or more entries. Along side such storied names as Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot and Mrs. Marple there now reside their feline counterparts Midnight Louie, Joe Grey, Mrs. Murphy and Koko and Yum Yum.


In 1785 Robert Burns penned his "Ode to a Mouse". The replies have been coming ever since.

         I feel no need to
         Accomplish things. I exist:
         That's triumph enough.
           Cat Haiku by Deborah Coates 

Cartoons & Comics

Archeologists have discovered comedic images of felines, presumably left behind by bored scribes, in Ancient Egyptian tombs making the history of cat cartooning indeed a long one. As long as I can remember the daily newspaper has always run at least one comic strip featuring a cat. The San Francisco Chronicle currently publishes Garfield, Get Fuzzy and Mutts all of which feature felines. While political cartoons usually portray the cat as a ferocious predator he's generally the hapless victim of a mouse or Tweety Bird in the funnies. I highly recommend the excellent book by Malcolm Whyte, the founder of the Cartoon Art Museum here in San Francisco, "Great Comic Cats" for those interested in the subject.

Children's Books

From the very beginning kids and cats and books go hand in hand. If you're a native English speaker then your first reader undoubtably taught you that "C" is for Cat. Dr. Seuss launched an entire career in publishing on the back of "The Cat in the Hat". Whether it's "Skippy jon Jones" for young readers or "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" for young adults, there's a cat book out there for children of all ages.